How 5G Is Affecting Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Business ethics are crucial for any business to grow. Whether you are an app development company or a popular website design firm, providing equal opportunities to all your employees can significantly reduce insubordination at work. When employees feel valued, their performance levels rise which is a great advantage for organizations in Mobile App Development.

Apart from employees, technology is the most prized asset companies own. After much hype, 5G has finally made its way into the world. Businesses can’t wait to make 5G part of their organizational processes with the help of skilled personnel who know how to make the best use of it. 

What is 5G?

After 3G and 4G, 5G is a connectivity revolution that is too powerful to be described in words. It is a fifth-generation wireless cellular network that has been brought to life to transform the digital world. Nearly 100 times faster than 4G, it enables faster connectivity speed, super low latency, and greater bandwidth. It is estimated that almost 1.4 billion devices will be powered by 5G by 2025 which makes up nearly 15% of the entire mobile industry worldwide.

Impact of 5G on Mobile App Development

There is a lot of excitement regarding 5G technology’s impact on individuals and businesses, especially mobile app developers. Through this amazing technology, mobile app developers build apps that are significantly faster, more efficient, and more personalized.

Let’s see how 5G affects mobile app development:

#1: Immersive User Experience through VR and AR

Because AR/VR/MR technology needs a high level of data transmission, it congested the 4G networks in the past. There was an increased network load when users tried to indulge in communication with people in far-off geographical regions through mobile apps. With reduced latency challenges and bandwidth issues, 5G can help to integrate VR and AR into mobile apps. As 5G is really fast, it processes higher volumes of data quickly which enables apps to provide an engaging and interactive user experience without distortions.

An example of such an immersive mobile app can be the L’Oréal Paris makeup app that made waves due to its innovative mechanism. Through this app, users can test makeup products sitting at home to see if they suit their skin tone or features. You upload a photo on the app and then tap on the products you want to try. The app will make you see yourself with that product on. This can give you a clear picture of whether you want to buy the product or not without having to physically visit the store.

#2: Better Video Streaming

You must understand that 5G is not only an upgrade to 4G but a different ballgame altogether. Its data transfer speed can only fall to a minimum of 1 Gbps and can go up to nearly 50 Gbps.  This is an excellent feature for app developers as users can stream lots of content without any hindrance. The higher speed and lower latency have enabled 4k and 8k video streaming without buffering. Previously restrictions were imposed by communication service providers and content providers on specific video formats on mobiles due to the limitations of older-generation wireless technologies. As users transition to 5G, it is estimated that videos will constitute approximately 74% of mobile internet traffic by 2024.

#3: Focused and Interesting Advertisements

Ads are so annoying when you are watching something really interesting on your mobile app. The banners, pop-ups, and pre-roll videos can mess up your mood. With the help of 5G, advertisers can provide more interesting and targeted ads to consumers which was previously a challenge due to the network speed limitation. 5G enables businesses to design attractive ad content with the integration of AR and VR technologies which are no more a thing of the future. IoT powered by 5G technology can help advertisers gather an increased amount of data about consumers with accurate location mapping to allow them to send better-targeted ads.


5G is a whole new world of opportunities. It has transformed mobile app development considerably but there are numerous other fields also where it is leaving its mark. Due to the Covid-19 scenario, more companies enforced work-from-home policies. Staffing agencies in Austin Texas helped people to get employment in these tough times. Because traveling to offices was prohibited, the fast connection speeds by 5G led to increased efficiency of workers through enhanced remote interactions with team members across the organization.

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