A Guide To Style An Outfit

Style An Outfit

Styling an outfit is no less than an art. Though most people rush to buy new outfits to add to their closet, styling something unique from your existing clothes would be fun and creative. Picking up your old clothes and turning them from boring to interesting is both skill and talent. 

However, the first question you may ask is, How To Choose An Outfit Well, choosing your outfit may depend on several factors. You can consider multiple factors when picking any outfit, from your mood to the occasion to your personal preferences.

How To Create New Outfits From What Is In Your Closet?

Mix and match would be a key to recreating a new look from your old clothes. Some also believe in the fusion trend, which can never be out of style. The fundamental trick to finding new clothes in your existing clothes is matching one outfit with the other. 

For that, you need to have a good look at all your clothes. Then, pretend that all of them are on the rail of a store. Most women have dresses in their wardrobes that they have not worn or rarely wear. You may also have clothes lurking around on your shelves. The key here would be to pick these outfits and wear them in a way you look. 

How To Change Outfits With Existing Clothes?

The question of how to choose an outfit can be tricky. However, you can create a new outfit out of the existing one with little effort and brainstorming. For that, you can consider multiple options. 


Layering can never go out of trend. Depending on the season or occasion, wear a slinky vest under the blouse or a thin layer with your favorite cardigan. Moreover, you can also add a stylish scarf to your trench coat. 

Mix up outfit 

You can never go wrong with the trend of mixing outfits. So don’t be scared to try new and unique combinations. For example, wear a casual blouse with a long skirt instead of wearing it with your high-waist jeans. This will give you a classy look and help you stand out from the crowd. 

Think something unique 

Be different from others. Don’t hesitate to experiment with your clothes. For example, wear a dress over your skinny jeans. Wear an old blazer from the trouser suit with a tee or a pair of jeans. You can add a long trench coat with your jeans instead of pairing it with the blazer. 

Mixing prints and textures 

Be bold, and be beautiful with prints and patterns. For example, wear a printed crop top or pair it with high-waist jeans. You can also go for patterns or sequences, considered a never-fading trend. If you want to up your fashion game, try layering patterns with patterns. Also, don’t forget to experiment with the appealing trend of polka dots. 

Same color as the color 

Wear a red top over red or blue jeggings. If you hesitate to do so, get a pair of ever-stylish coordinated sets. For any formal event or even to look unique or stylish at a party, you can try the concept of coordinated sets. 

Change your style 

Be confident enough to change your style after a certain period. For example, if you usually wear jeans or a baggy, try to wear clothes you have kept at the back of your closet. If you normally wear fitted attire, pick out an A-line dress by adding some funky beads. 

Wrapping Up 

Choosing an outfit and creating a unique style would require some thought or creativity. Though, you can also create something new from your existing clothes. This will not only make you feel beautiful but also help you grab all the attention.