Best Online Haunting News In Vietnam

Whether you are a Vietnam native or just a traveler interested in this mysterious country, you will be pleased to know that there is plenty of information available about the hauntings of this country. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most interesting haunting news in Vietnam.

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Hanoi’s ancient house with a banyan tree growing through its roof

Located in Hanoi, Vietnam, this ancient house is a popular tourist attraction. The house is surrounded by an old tree with roots that grow through its roof.

The tree is said to be over 1,000 years old. Its roots are as big as the temple pillars, and the second trunk is 30 meters wide. The tree is said to be a symbol of natural beauty and longevity. The roots have been a natural assembly point for communities since human civilization began.

The house is located on Hang Trong Street, Hanoi. It used to be surrounded by luxurious buildings and looked directly onto Hoan Kiem Lake. The house is now vacant. Locals say that there are ghosts and rumors that a young couple was murdered here.

A ghostly figure has been seen under the banyan tree. A shaman has also performed an evil ritual beneath the tree.

According to Vietnamese proverbs, ancestral spirits dwell in big trees. The banyan tree has been used as a meeting place for Vietnamese communities. The banyan tree is a symbol of natural beauty and longevity.

Hanoi’s tallest millionaire residence lies almost completely abandoned

Among the city’s new high-rise apartments and hotels, Hanoi’s tallest millionaire residence lies almost completely abandoned.

Located in the eastern suburbs of Hanoi, the Ciputra complex is one of the city’s biggest. Its gated entrance leads to a wide boulevard lined with palm trees and giant Greek god statues. The complex features a fine wine store, a clubhouse and private schools.

Ghosts of the Vietnam War haven’t disappeared

Despite 45 years of American intervention in Southeast Asia, the ghosts of the Vietnam War have not disappeared. In fact, the country has taken several steps to recover the war dead. These include focusing on mass graves and seeking DNA identification.

A recent documentary, The Disappearance of McKinley Nolan, documents the disappearance of a Marine who fought in Vietnam in 1966. One of the men disappeared after leaving his wife and child behind.

While no one knows what happened to McKinley Nolan, his wife has been searching for him.

question The Vietnam Office for Seeking Missing Persons has claimed to have found 972 sets of American remains. This means that a large percentage of American soldiers are still missing. However, the Vietnamese government is unable to do much more than make overtures to families in search of their missing loved ones.

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