How to Learn English in 2022 with These Four New Tips

Learn to Speak English Fast

Are you struggling with improving your English? If yes, then follow the tips below:

Tip #1:

There are two main areas you should concentrate on if you want to better your listening skills: Development of Vocabulary and Fluency in Expression

What? Some say that to become a better listener, one must first become a better speaker. Nah, not quite. It would be best if you spoke to listen. We don’t “do” anything at all when we listen. Simply put, we hear. So, what exactly are you listening to?

So you’re hearing spoken English, not punk rock or the wind in the trees. Phonemes in the this Language

The building blocks of language are syllables, the building blocks of words, which are the building blocks of sounds, which make up the building blocks of sentences. The English language has 44 distinct phonemes. Is there anyone you haven’t met?

Not everything about spoken English can be reduced to its 44 vowel and consonant sounds. Further, word stress, phrase stress, intonation, related speech, pauses, and rhythm are all components of spoken English.

Everyday English with E2 is the name of our podcast, which you should listen to. Grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation are the discussion topics in each episode. Listening to folks like me is an excellent method to hone your listening abilities.

I won’t go into detail, but you should start paying attention to how native speakers use the language. Mainly because writing and speaking are so dissimilar. That is to say, written English and spoken English are not identical. There are words, to be sure, but there is much more to communication than that. Make sure you’re subscribed to the E2 English channel on YouTube to get a comprehensive education in American English pronunciation.

Tip #2:

Reading comprehension, like listening comprehension, requires knowledge of both vocabulary and grammar. Try to pick up two new words daily.

As a native English speaker, I know roughly 20,000 words, but you probably didn’t realize that. Learning English would take only 10,000 days if you learned two new words every day. Joking. It’s relatively easy to do.

This video and accompanying blog post break down the magic number of 550 words you need to know to have a meaningful conversation in English. You absolutely must watch this video! Included is a printable word list of the most crucial English words, along with instructions on how to study them.

Make it a goal to study a few new words every day. Hold firm. It should be a habit, but you should still watch what you say. Just borrow the language from the video I was talking about. Considerable weight should be given to them.

Tip #3:

Assuming you have a sufficient vocabulary, grammar is the only real challenge in writing. Did you know that there are roughly 400 grammar rules in the English language?

It would be best if you focused on what is known as “high-frequency” grammar, which is good news.

When I say this, I mean that some grammatical rules, like those governing plural nouns and the present simple tense, tend to come up more frequently than others.

You don’t need to worry too much about grammar because you rarely encounter it.

Take a look at the clips we’ve posted on YouTube. We have the best grammar videos on the internet.

Take the time to watch at least two of our grammar videos per week. Subscribing to our YouTube channel is the best method to ensure you never miss a new upload.

We’re going to make studying grammar a breeze.

Tip #4:

Having a firm grasp of the language’s grammar and lexicon leaves just the matter of pronunciation.

Now. How many sounds does English have, in your estimation? Speculate away!

Okay, I’ll try to be of service. A total of 44 distinct vowel and consonant sounds are available… As in aa, ee, ii, pp, dd, tt, jj, etc…

Afterward… well, then. For example, the STR in “street,” the CR in “crinkle,” and the SM in “smile” are only a few of the 144 consonant cluster sounds in the English language.

That means English has 188 distinct phonemes.

However, I have some excellent news to share: Most of these noises are probably familiar to you.

E2 English offers a fantastic pronunciation course called Essential Pronunciation that covers all 44 individual sounds in English. It’s an excellent tool for honing your ear and tongue.

We also offer a more advanced pronunciation class focusing on 144 consonant clusters.

The clusters of consonants are crucial and challenging to master.

Clusters of consonants frequently occur in English words, such as the letters S, T, and R in STREET or P, L, and Y in PLAY.

These aren’t always easy to pick up.

The clarity of your English will be evaluated as you progress through our pronunciation classes, thanks to the incorporation of AI feedback.

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