How to Plan your Stonehenge tour Visit and what to expect

Stonehenge tour

Stonehenge is undoubtedly erect for unknown reasons and at an unknown time, which one of the reasons why tourists are drawn to the UNESCO World Heritage monument.

If you’re like 5,000-year-old ruins with a side helping of mysterious origins, it’s a reasonable, affordable day trip outside of the city that takes only about 90 minutes from downtown London.

It is one of the most frequently visit places on earth, so if you’re think of taking a Stonehenge Tour, here’s how to prepare:

Find out how to go to Stonehenge, first:

The most well-known prehistoric structure in Europe, Stonehenge is one of the world’s most enigmatic ancient wonders.

If you’re contemplating how to get to Stonehenge,

keep in mind that it takes roughly two hours to get to downtown London without traffic.

The public transit system:

From London, you may take the train to Salisbury, where you can board the Stonehenge Tour Bus.

If you’re on a tight budget

and only want to visit Stonehenge

and nothing else in the vicinity, it’s a bit of a grind but a terrific option.

Drive yourself:

You had better arrive at the rural Salisbury Plain before the crowds, as terrifying as it can be to rent a car and drive on the opposite side of the road

if you want to capture pictures at Stonehenge without plenty of other visitors! The ideal approach to achieve it is to rent a car and set an early alarm.

Tour with a group: Taking a guided tour is the most convenient way to see Stonehenge.

Spend Some Time Visiting the New Visitor Center:

Visits are incredibly simple and seamless thanks to the English Heritage Visitor Center, which opens at Stonehenge. The tourist center, which is around 2 kilometers from the actual monument, is where most trips drop you off. If you feel up to it, you can either take the shuttle or walk. 

You may purchase tickets, trinkets, and audio guides in the tourist center. You can also eat at the cafe while viewing more than 250 prehistoric artifacts, including a Neolithic residence.

The new visitor center does a good job of preparing you for

what you’re going to witness when there used to be no mystical build-up to the ancient wonders.

Purchase your Stonehenge tickets in advance:

There are a limit the number of tickets available each day to visit Stonehenge, and access is time.

It is advised to purchase your Stonehenge tickets

in advance in order to save time, avoid any lineups, and guarantee entry.

Be on time if you’re driving:

Try to arrive as early as possible if you are in charge of the schedule to gain some privacy,

as most often than not you will find hordes of visitors already there before you.

Purchase an audio guide:

They including in the ticket charge and offer a wealth of knowledge on Stonehenge. Purchase the audio guide for the best Stonehenge tour experience.

Stonehenge’s solstices:

The Winter Solstice is the Northern Hemisphere’s shortest day of the year

and its longest night, making it an especially wonderful occasion to visit Stonehenge.

If historians are right and Stonehenge is an ancient clock,

it has been keeping track of the seasons for 5,000 years.

With the exception of parking fees, visiting Stonehenge during the solstices is free. Dress for the weather, as it’s likely to be chilly and rainy for the Winter Solstice in December.

Spend the Day at Stonehenge:

Most visitors to Stonehenge have limited time,

but if you have a half-day or more, think about spending more time exploring the 6,500-acre site. Consider adding these activities to your schedule:

  • Experience with simulated stones at Stonehenge
  • The exhibit deals with prehistory.
  • Talk to the volunteers at Neolithic Houses about how our Neolithic predecessors lived and how to treat replica artifacts.
  • Have a barbecue in the vicinity of Stone Circle.

Take a look at the Area:

If you merely go to Stonehenge,

you could feel a little overwhelmed or dissatisfied, unless you are utterly enthralled with the concept of an ancient druid stone circle.

Although experts advise allowing two hours for the visit,

it wouldn’t be the end of the world if you just had an hour.

Since there is so much to see and do nearby,

I advise taking a day trip that includes some of the other notable attractions in the neighborhood.

I combined my trips to Stonehenge on both occasions with bus tours of the Cotswold’s,

where I saw several of the places used for the movies of Jane Austen and the Harry Potter series. When it seemed that Stonehenge alone might not have been sufficient, that made the journey worthwhile.

While buying the Stonehenge tickets, take all these things into consideration and you will have an amazing tour!

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