How to Use Google Search – Tips for Faster Search Results

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Google is the most powerful tool in the world if you know how to use it properly. Let’s take a look at how to do better on Google Search. Now Google is applying new tricks fun facts or i m feeling curious.

1. Use quotation marks for exact match searches

Quotes can be used to force an exact match search. This is useful if you know exactly what search phrase you’re looking for. If this is done, only exact results will be returned.

“what is javascript”

2. Use the AND operator

The AND operator will only return results that relate to both terms. In the example below, you can see a use case for this operator.


3. Use the OR operator

You can use the OR operator to get results related to any of the entered search terms.

(javascript OR python) free course

4. Use the – (minus) operator

The – operator will exclude results for related terms or phrases. In the example below, you want to get results related to JavaScript, but exclude any CSS results that are included.

Javascript -CSS

5. Use the (*) wildcard as a placeholder

You can use the (*) wildcard as a placeholder and it will be replaced by any word or phrase.

This one is my favorite. I use it when I know roughly the entire search phrase and replace the parts I don’t with an asterisk. Super easy to use.

“how to start * in 6 months”

6. How to search within the specified website

This is how I use it often. If I just want to search for something on a given site, I’ll do it.

7. How to Find a Specific File Type

You can also use this very useful feature to help find specific file types. It’s handy if you’re looking for material like PDFs. If you haven’t used it before, start using it now.

filetype:pdf learn CSS

8. How to search for numbers in a range

This can be anything. This is useful if you want to buy items in a specific price range, or are searching for results that include a specific year range.

ECMAScript 2016..2018

9. before using the operator

Use them before the operator to only return results before a given date.

You must provide the date in year-month-day format or just the year, for example:

javascript before:2020

10. after using the operator

Use the after operator to return only results after a given date. Must provide a date in year-month-day format or only year. Useful if you want to exclude outdated results.

web development after:2020

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