Learn How To Draw Hello Kitty Drawing For Kids | Tutorial

Learn How To Draw Hello Kitty Drawing For Kids | Tutorial

Drawing For Kids Yuko Shimizu created Hello Kitty, a fictional character created by the Japanese firm Sanrio. Hello, Kitty is also known as Kitty White. This cat is depicted as a female Japanese cat without a tail and wearing a pink bow. The figure made his news debut in 1974 in Japan and was introduced to the United States in 1976.

The kawaii (cute) movement in contemporary Japanese society gave rise to this figure. Drawing For Kids figures from 2003, the Sanrio corporation generates more than USD 1 billion in annual foreign sales as a result of the global popularity of the Hello Kitty brand.

Step By Step Hello Kitty Drawing For Kids


  • First, draw an oval shape on the top of our paper. You can observe that this oval has a small horizontal flattening. Avoid attempting to draw a completely flat figure. Make light strokes so that you can fix errors in later steps.


  • Let’s now outline the body of our adorable cat. It appears to be a circular shape with a thin vertical line dividing it from below. It appears to be a circular shape with a thin vertical line dividing it from below. As you can see, this shape has a tiny downward extension.


  • This tutorial is for you if face painting is a challenge for you. We only need to be able to draw dots and tiny ovals to make the ideal Kitty face. The eyes’ placement within the oval of the skull and their separation from one another are the only factors that matter in this situation.


  • Cat adores jewelry. So in this phase, we draw the general shapes of her preferred bow, which is a bit to the side. The bow ought to appear sufficiently large, as in our example.


  • Draw the small ears’ outlines to finish the top of the head’s design. It appears to be two little rounded triangles.


  • So, let’s begin the tutorial on drawing Hello Kitty. Drawing the mustache is a further incredibly simple step. You can see that we are tracing three short horizontal lines on either side.


  • You can hold your cat in any position. In our instance, the adorable cat extends one paw in greeting. Draw a few smooth outlines similar to those in our example if you want to give your Kitty the same pose.


  • Next, we’ll sketch our cat’s clothing in a very challenging step. We’ll depict the garment with countless fabric folds and intricate shadow patterns.
  • We want to draw attention to a particular step that helps us assess the sketch and spot mistakes and flaws. This is necessary so that we may move on to coloring our drawing, which is the final phase.
  • This is another easy step. We’ll choose bright pink for the clothing and nose in this illustration. Pink is Hello Kitty’s official color. However, you can use any other hues for the bow and clothing.

Step-by-step Drawings of Hello Kitty

Check out this step-by-step Hello Kitty drawing below! This is your shelter if you’re seeking for simple, beginner-level crafts to work on. Draw an adorable Japanese hello kitty and fall in love. You can proceed by simply following the methods listed in the tutorial. The tools needed are drawing paper, B and 5B pencils, and colored pencils.

Sketch of Hello Kitty

See how easy it is to create this lovely hello cat sketch. People of all ages can follow our regular drawing instructions.

If you put enough effort into it, you can master this craft in no time! Begin by drafting the arrangement using geometrical lines. For a clean finish, fill in the information and remove all the unnecessary lines.

How to Draw Hello Kitty as a Zombie

Want to collaborate on a project with a Halloween theme? You may learn how to draw a zombie Hello Kitty using our comprehensive instructions. Working on it with a group of friends or family members is a lot of fun. The head should be drawn first in the upper middle of your sheet. Add in zombie automobiles and face specifics. Repeat the scars on the rest of the body. It is ready to exhibit once you fill it in with interesting colors!

Drawing Hello Kitty with a Heart

Following the simplest drawing instruction, you may learn how to draw Hello Kitty with a heart. The finest craft for kids of all ages is this one. Make use of geometric lines to sketch the structure. Once the framework is complete, trace curved lines around it to give the cat its shape. Add all relevant information as provided, then remove any unnecessary lines. With markers and colors, give you’re drawing a tidy finish.

How to Draw the Princess of Hello Kitty

Here’s a fun method to learn how to sketch the princess of Hello Kitty! An excellent craft project for both school-age children and preschoolers.

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