Even though Goa is a fantastic place to spend time at the beach, some remain unexplored and are known as Goa’s secret beaches. People who prefer to spend their time away from the crowds will flock to the lesser-known beaches. Those who expect the sea, the shore, and the waves alone will seek out such beaches, so the number of visitors is comparatively low.


Goa’s very romantic secret beaches will allow you to completely rejuvenate and become an ardent nature can also explore south goa sightseeing.

These hidden beaches in Goa have a plethora of attractions that will make everyone’s time here unforgettable. The extensive coastline of Goa has given equal space to each of these beaches. They have all used the area very well to attract those who are romantic and wish to have some private moments for themselves.

Let us introduce you to some of Goa’s most beautiful beaches, which are relatively unknown to many visitors.


Agonda Beach is a carpet of white sand dotted with colorful shacks that exude the authentic Goan vibe. The Arabian Sea passionately touches the shores of the gleaming beach, dotted with lush green coconut and palm trees. It is one of Goa’s cleanest beaches, and it is also one of the least crowded. In the peaceful silence of the beach, you can spend some quiet time alone. Some cozy shacks with a warm, welcoming vibe draw people in to relax for a while.

These shacks serve a variety of authentic local cuisines as well as selected delicacies from around the world. They provide beach beds where you can lie under umbrellas or hang out in a hammock and watch the action on the beach. Several spots on the coast allow you to sign up for water sports and have a unique adventure. They will even teach you how to do water sports like jet skiing and surfing if you are a beginner. This fun package on one stretch of sand is nothing short of a party. So you must come here and enjoy everything Agonda Beach has to offer.


it is a fishing village with a picturesque view and a secluded atmosphere where you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. it is located across the Sal River from Mobor Beach. This idyllic retreat is set against an imposing backdrop of headlands protruding into the shore from the slopes of the Western Ghats. The mild climate and cool sea breeze make it ideal for picnics and a relaxed day.

it is famous for having the best and largest mussels in Goa. As a fishing village, this beach allows you to enjoy the most delectable fresh seafood you won’t find anywhere else.


Located north of Palolem Beach in south Goa, Butterfly Beach is a great place to spend your vacation. Enjoy your solitude, away from the rest of the world, while witnessing the amazing aquatic life outside the beach.

You can also take a ship ride for a more extensive and punctuated experience. If you get too excited, you can try trekking around this beach’s dense forest.

Butterfly Beach is also known as Honeymoon Beach because many couples go there for a secluded vacation and spend the day on a picnic and drinking wine. This is a one-of-a-kind sight that you will not be able to see anywhere else in Goa. Furthermore, millions of butterflies on one side dance and nest on this beach; on the other, you can see dolphins in the middle of the sea.


Betalbatim Beach is a beautiful stretch of golden sand in South Goa. This small beach area is ideally situated between Colva and Majorda beaches. Unlike other beaches in Goa, Betalbatim Beach is relatively untouched by beachgoers.

It is approximately 1 km long and provides spectacular sunrise and sunset views. For obvious reasons, the northern part of the beach is often referred to as Sunset Beach.

Dolphins are the most appealing aspect of this exotic beach. All you have to do is ask a local fisherman to take you dolphin watching. This is an adventure that even the best beaches in Goa cannot provide!


It is defined as an ideally serene shoreline. Still, perfectly bordered by casuarinas that influence the lilting ocean breeze with care. The beach is well-known for being a peaceful nesting location for the endangered olive ridley turtle. The turtles love this beach because of its silvery sands, clear water, and rows upon rows of coconut and pine trees. This beach has a town group primarily of peace-loving fishermen, and interacting with them will help you appreciate Goa’s village life more.

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