Tips For The Best Comfort Shoes


I hear you thinking; comfort shoes? That’s super boring, isn’t it? It doesn’t have to be! There are a lot of models that are both comfortable and trendy. But you know what’s even more important? With comfortable shoes, you prevent annoying complaints in your feet and the rest of your body, because your feet enjoy the right support. In this article, I will give you some tips on what to look for when buying comfortable shoes and I will explain to you why good shoes are so important!

What Should I Look For When Buying Comfortable Shoes?

Both length and width are very important! Because your feet get warmer and swell during the day, it’s wise to choose a shoe with enough space, especially in the toe area. It is also important that the shoe has the right insole with good support and a light shaping so that the cavity under your foot is properly filled. Choose a lightweight model, so your muscles get tired less quickly. Finally, the material is also very important for comfort! For example, always choose leather over synthetic fabric, this is breathable and also prevents sweaty feet.

How Do I Shop for The Best Comfort Shoes?

I have a golden tip for you when shopping for new shoes; do this at the end of the day! At that time, the feet are at their largest and you avoid buying shoes that are too small. Also, don’t forget to always take a few laps in the store on your hopefully new shoes. This way you can feel well whether pressure points arise while walking!

Where Can I Find The Best Comfortable Shoes?

In the dolce vita shoes collection, you have plenty of choices in shoes that are hip and comfy. The dolce vita shoes, for example, features a high-quality leather construction that makes them highly pliable and breathable. Skechers is a brand full of comfy options, such as lightweight sneakers made of airy materials and ultra-comfortable footbeds with Memory Foam. Gabor also has a wide range of great, comfortable sneakers, but Gabor’s boots are amazing and a pleasure for your feet (especially during the colder days). So plenty of choices too!


It is always important to take care of our feet. We don’t often realize it, but our feet carry our entire body weight every day. If something goes wrong with the feet, it affects our entire body. Good shoes are therefore very important. But how do you choose the right shoe and how can you recognize it? Here are 8 tips to make sure you make a choice that will make your feet happy.

Tip 1 – Don’t make hasty decisions

Take the time to choose shoes. Think carefully about what is important to you and what your feet need. Every foot is unique. For example, do you need extra support or a wide shoe?

Tip 2 – Choose leather

Leather shoes are best for healthy feet: leather ventilates well. This is important to prevent sweat and other problems that arise from it. Think fungi and sensitive skin. These can occur if you wear plastic shoes.

Tip 3 – Change feet

Take into account changes to your feet. Your feet won’t be the same as they were five years ago. Do not just choose the same size, you may need a size larger or smaller.

Tip 4 – Choose quality

Choose reputable brands. You can count on good quality with these brands. In the Cycleur de Luxe collection, you can find affordable men’s shoes with an excellent fit, in attractive colors and styles. From sporty to neat low-leather shoes, there is something for everyone.

If you choose Nero Giardini shoes, you get quality. In their versatile collection of women’s shoes, you can choose from sandals, slippers, sports shoes, and ankle boots.

Tip 5 – Wear your usual socks

Try on your shoes with the socks you always wear. That way you can be sure that you will always fit them.

Tip 6 – Test the sole

Test the sole of the shoe by hand. See if it can be bent. The sole should be flexible so that you can walk comfortably on it.

Tip 7 – Take the time to fit.

Fit the shoe properly: walk up and down the room, stand for a moment, and feel where the whole foot is. Feel whether your toes have enough room, and where any pressure spots are.

Tip 8 – The shoe must be comfortable

Assume that your shoes must be comfortable immediately. It is a myth that shoes have to be broken in. Shoes that are too small will not become more comfortable by wearing them more often.

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