Use Best Gojek Clone App Script to Elevate Your Business

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In today’s competitive world, it is hard for any business to survive if it does not have capabilities to meet customers’ requirements. With the advancement of technology, customers are now heavily dependent on their mobile apps and the internet, even for getting a loaf of bread! Therefore, dear entrepreneur, it is high time you take your multi-service business to the next level with the best Gojek Clone App Script! 

Things You Need to Do to Become a Thriving Multi-service Business 

To become a thriving multi-service business, you first need to ‘get online’. That can happen easily if you purchase a ready-made clone app script from a white-labeling firm. 

Now when you get the script, remember to take the trial of the Gojek Clone Demo. During the trial period, check if the solution has everything ‘modern’ or not to take your business to the next level. 

Mostly, the pre-integrated features must be unique so that you can offer your customers exceptional browsing and shopping experience on your app. 

Here are a few features that may help you. Have a look! 

Emergency Contacts 

The Gojek Clone App Script integrates a feature where a customer and service provider can add 5 emergency contacts. This feature will be most helpful when the customer or service provider feels unsafe during a ride or service. 

Emergency Contacts

If a customer or service provider feels themselves in a life-threatening situation, they can use the SOS/Panic Button to either call the Police Control Room or send a ‘HELP’ message. The ‘HELP’ message will be sent to the 5 emergency contacts instantly. 

Top-up In-app Wallet Balance

Customers and service providers can now top-up their wallet balances easily with their credit cards.  

Moreover, they can manage their credit card information easily on the app so that in the future they do not have to enter the card details in the middle of the road to top-up their balance. To ensure the safety and security of every online transaction, every payment happens through the payment gateway. 

Additionally, the Gojek Clone App Script is designed in a way that credit card information is not stored in the app or its database. Therefore, customers and service providers no longer need to worry about the security of their information. 

Set Destination Later 

Riders can choose to add their destination later while on a ride. When booking the ride, they only need to click on the ‘Enter Destination Later’ option and proceed. 

Set Destination Later

With this Gojek Clone App Script  feature, they can put the destination after the trip starts. In addition, riders also have the flexibility to add multiple stop-over points while they are on the trip.  

The rider can choose one of the saved addresses or recent locations too apart from selecting ‘Enter Destination Later’ option. 

User Preference 

With this features, the users or riders can set different preferences according to their needs. For example, female riders can choose the option of ‘Prefer a Female Driver’. Additionally, there are two more ride preference options – a taxi with handicap accessibility and a taxi with a child seat.  

User Preference

This makes it easy for everyone to travel in a taxi whenever they want to without worrying about how they will travel safely and comfortably! 

Save as Favorite Provider 

Apart from other utility features, the app users can also choose to mark any of the service providers who has completed a task in the past as FAVORITE. 

Save as Favorite Provider

Once the user marks them, the next time they book the same service, the favorite service provider gets the chance to do the task again! 

The mark as favorite options is available in the feedback section that appears after completion of the service. 

All in all, the Gojek Clone App Script is one thing that you need to take your business to the next level and create a buzzword in the on-demand industry. 

Final Words: 

To sum up, if you want to take your multi-service business to the next level and break the competition, get the best Gojek Clone App Script. Integrate the most latest and advanced features into the app and build a perfect app for tech-savvy audience

Connect with a well-renowned and highly experienced white-labeling firm to get the app and other related details. Remember, with a well-established firm, you can get online in just 1 to 2 weeks!

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