Varieties and features of mounting doors to the kitchen

Doors are an integral part of the comfortable space of a residential building. The kitchen space also often needs such an element, which allows you to separate the zones. The choice of doors for the kitchen is very extensive and therefore it is important to know the features of the selection, installation and maintenance of structures.

Doors to the kitchen: yes or no

The kitchen is a space for cooking. Often this room is combined with a dining area. To prevent the penetration of food odors into living rooms and provide greater comfort, it is worth installing doors to the kitchen, which will not only be functional, but also complement the interior of an apartment or house. These goals are pursued by homeowners by installing door structures in the kitchen.

Modern door models are compact and practical, which allows you to install them even in a studio apartment, dividing the space of the kitchen and the room. To do this, you just need to choose the best design option. The absence of doors is possible at the personal preference of homeowners.

Types of doors to the kitchen: types and their features

Composite door manufacturer offer an extensive selection of door panels of various types, differing in the type of movement, appearance, characteristics and other features. Therefore, when choosing, it is worth paying attention to the functionality and ease of use of the doors, which should correspond to personal preferences, the parameters of the room.

You can find the best option, taking into account the following features:

  • type of doors, for example, sliding or hinged. For a studio apartment, accordion doors are ideal, which are more reminiscent of a partition, and for a small one-room apartment, you can install sliding doors that operate on the principle of compartment doors;
  • material from which the structure is made: MDF, plastic, solid wood, chipboard. Each option has a different cost and characteristics. For example, natural wood is more expensive and more environmentally friendly than plastic. Chipboard and MDF are low cost, but short-lived, do not withstand high humidity;
  • the dimensions of the door should be less than the opening by about 80 mm, excluding the box. The ideal solution is to make a custom design, but manufacturers provide a wide selection of finished products;
  • design plays an important role if you want to create a cozy and comfortable space. The color of the doors should be in harmony with the kitchen furniture and complement the decor well.

Facade structures for the kitchen

The most common are facade or panel doors for the kitchen, which are a canvas equipped with glass inserts or the same material as the door. The location of the panels can be different, and these elements can also have a curly shape, which makes the door spectacular. The facade door is similar to furniture fronts with panels, but has the same appearance on both sides, while the interior of the furniture is flat.

The main positive features of the front door for the kitchen are expressed as follows:

  • the product is suitable for many interior styles;
  • blind canvas with high sound insulation;
  • panels allow you to create doors with different decor;
  • structural strength and durability.

The disadvantage of facade doors is that such products are not suitable for modern interior design trends, for example, minimalism, hi-tech. Assembly quality affects the durability of the structure, because poorly fixed door elements form cracks during operation, the product loses its original appearance very quickly.

Sliding kitchen doors

Compartment or sliding doors allow you to ensure safety in a house with small children and save usable space in the room. The design consists of one or two canvases moving along rails along the walls. This saves space at the entrance, which can be made more functional.

Sliding doors can be equipped with an automatic opening mechanism, but this is done in rare cases. Often, canvases simply have a slot or a small doorknob for ease of use.

The main advantages of this type of design are expressed in the following:

  • saving usable space;
  • lightness and practicality of the canvas;
  • tight porch of the door;
  • a variety of design options;
  • simple operation, easy repair of the driving mechanism.

Sliding doors require careful operation, otherwise the mechanism will be damaged. Cloths of such structures often have a small thickness or are made of glass. This is necessary for maximum lightness of the product, which eliminates excessive load on the guide elements and the movement mechanism. As a result, the soundproofing of the room is low.

Swing door options

A classic option for any room is swing doors. They open inwards or outwards. As a result of this, sufficient space for the movement of the web becomes necessary.

The swing design assumes the presence of a door frame to which the hinges are attached. The canvas is hung on them, due to which the movement of the door is ensured. A small threshold can complement the complex of elements. The door leaf is often decorated with glass inserts, panels, or is straight and even.

Swing canvases have such advantages as:

  • classic and familiar version of opening doors;
  • no need for a special mechanism for moving the web;
  • high level of sound and heat insulation;
  • simple repair of hinges;
  • universal for any style of interior.

Classic doors require enough space to open. The canvas can be quite heavy, as a result of which the loops sag and must be tightened. To prevent excessive opening, floor-mounted stops are required to prevent the door from opening further than it should.

Radius designs for the kitchen

Doors of radius type are semicircular canvases. Such designs are often installed in corner wardrobes, allowing you to divide the space and avoid right angles. Therefore, radius models are suitable for every kitchen, because additional space is required for the installation of a semicircular structure and its movement.

Radius models are similar in design to sliding ones, but have a semicircular or slightly rounded shape. Therefore, they are most convenient for separating corner areas, for example, for separating a kitchen and a room in a studio apartment. This allows you not to create right angles and maximize the use of usable area.

The advantages of such structures are expressed in the following:

  • originality of forms of door leafs;
  • easy movement of the structure;
  • tight porch;
  • a variety of decor options;
  • effective separation of corner zones.

The disadvantage is that such products are most convenient for separating corner spaces. If the entrance to the kitchen is located on a long straight wall, a small redevelopment is required to install radius elements.

Mezzanine above the door to the kitchen

The space between the upper edge of the door and the ceiling is often used to install a mezzanine, which increases the functionality of the room. Here you can store non-essential items, preventing clutter of more accessible cabinets. This solution is especially convenient for small spaces.

The advantages of this design:

  • organization of additional storage space;
  • no effect on the functionality of other kitchen items;
  • simple installation and the ability to create any decor;
  • stylish addition to any interior.

If installed incorrectly above the door, the mezzanine may prevent the canvas from closing / opening. Therefore, before installing such a cabinet, an accurate measurement of the parameters is carried out. The mezzanine is decorated in accordance with the overall design of the room, which allows you to create a harmonious environment.

partition door

In a studio apartment or in a very small living space, as well as in the absence of sufficient space to install all of the above door models, it is possible to mount a partition door. This design moves according to the principle of an accordion, as it consists of several strips on a flexible connection. The canvas can be soft or made of MDF, wood, plastic strips, equipped with transparent inserts.

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