What Can You Do to Make Your House a Healthy Place to Live In?

We live in a technologically advanced world, and we’re here to tell you that it won’t disappear any time soon. We rely on technology for pretty much everything in our everyday lives, from the Google Home and Amazon Alexa to the Ring doorbell to making progress on self-driving cars. But apart from being reliant on our smartphones and utilizing them as our third arm, technology is enhancing our ability to communicate with others, do tasks more quickly, and even prioritize our health.

But did you realize that you might make your house healthier with smart technology? We’re not discussing yoga applications or wearable fitness watches. We’re discussing healthy house trends, but with modern technology. Wish to learn more? We have a few suggestions that make the greatest use of the technology you might even already have to help you prioritize your health. Continue reading to discover our suggestions for lighting, color, and atmosphere.

Lighting and color

We are all aware of the positive effects of opening the windows and allowing natural light to enter. On the other hand, sitting in the dark encourages melancholy and sadness. But did you know that, in the absence of natural light, there is a smart bulb that can really assist you in achieving it?There are various smart lights available that, of course, connect to an app and let you arrange light in a way that mimics the sun’s rays, easing the process of going to sleep and rising in the morning.

Another wellness benefit made possible by modern technologies is color. Using colored light bulbs, you may use color to affect your attitude. Warm hues, such golden yellow, are intentionally turned on during yoga classes to promote concentration and relaxation. The relaxing effects of blue and green help to lessen tension. They are excellent for aiding in getting a restful night’s sleep so that you can face the days ahead.

Smart sensors

The largest improvements to our health and wellbeing can occasionally be made by technology that is silent until required. We all know how important smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors are, for instance, but what about air quality or motion sensors? There are various gadgets that can both detect and clean indoor air pollution. For a culture that is now more than ever working remotely and remaining inside, a sensor like this might be essential to our general wellness. Moving objects can be a useful additional sensor. The subject of this discussion is senior adults rather than baby monitors. Seniors using medical alert devices after a fall are getting the rapid treatment they require. This may simply provide peace of mind for people who have family members who live alone by letting them know that aid will arrive when it’s most needed.

Clean lifestyle

Having smart technology that can support keeping our homes sanitary and microbial-free makes sense given that we now live in a world where germs and hand sanitizer go hand in hand. For a clean house, UV disinfecting lights may be either permanently placed or transported. It makes it much simpler to maintain a tidy home, especially now when everyone is busier than ever. Let’s face it: occasionally, certain gadgets may benefit from a little UV sanitization.

Making sure that your drinking water is pure and free of pollutants and heavy metals is another method to employ smart technology for a healthy lifestyle. Installing water filtration systems is very widespread, and ionizers that produce alkaline water have clear advantages.

Clean air
Both interior and outdoor air pollution levels are causing growing worry. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States claims that indoor air can be five times more contaminated than outside air. Since interior air is not as often recirculated as outside air, many airborne contaminants nevertheless flourish there. Air purifiers may revitalize stale air, lowering the risk of health problems brought on by indoor contaminants, which can cause respiratory infections, neurological disorders, or exacerbate asthmatic symptoms.

To preserve human health, efficient air purifiers remove a number of indoor air contaminants. Additionally, furnace filters are crucial because they clean the air of contaminants before conditioning it. Therefore, be careful to get the best furnace filter available.

Touch-free appliances
Keeping a germ-free house also includes limiting the amount of hands that use them on a regular basis. The amount of use your smartphone receives is something we really shouldn’t bring up, but there are other gadgets that are noteworthy. For instance, touchless cabinet drawers and mobile phone-controlled light fixtures are both available. Even toilets that open and close automatically, auto-sense flushing, and even use less water are available.

Faucets are another typical item that receives a lot of attention during the day. These faucets contain a built-in sensor, similar to those in many public toilets that you are undoubtedly accustomed to, so switching the faucet on and off is not necessary. Even if touchless soap dispensers are an option, washing and rinsing your hands with one is sufficient. It is advisable to do some research before proceeding because the price to install a kitchen faucet varies.

Simple improvements have an impact

Of course, we have been doing such things for years, but now we are more conscious of the need to be as hygienic as possible in order to prevent the spread of viruses and illnesses in general. Simple improvements to each space may have a big impact.

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