What Is SMO, How Does It Work and What Are Its Benefits?


(SMO) Social media has become a crucial part of the digital marketing strategy for most companies and rightly so. A massive portion of the population is already on social media platforms. So, leveraging these platforms has the potential to benefit businesses. Also, they can help with brand awareness and credibility.

SMO stands for social media optimization. It is a popular social media marketing strategy that focuses on maintaining a company’s reputation. Also, the creation of sharing the right content is also a crucial part of the strategy. Companies often hire Facebook marketing services for this purpose. Regardless of whether your company does this on its own or hires an agency, there are ample benefits to doing so.

Benefits of Social Media Optimization

You may have come across SEO (search engine optimization) for ranking and higher visibility on search engines like Google. But not everyone could be looking for a brand, product, or service on search engines alone. People could be looking for such products on social media too. So, you have to be present on these platforms to not miss out on the opportunities. And just being there is not enough, you need an effective presence that actually benefits your business in terms of brand awareness, credibility, web traffic, and direct sales.

So, it is important for you to have an optimized social media marketing strategy. The profiles on channels like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter should be a part of your strategy. And the interactions on all these platforms are considered the voice of the company. You can share value-adding content, company news, and much more. Also, you can engage in healthy interactions with the audience. Lastly, you can deal with disgruntled customers via social media channels. This way companies maintain their reputation through their social media profiles.

User-generated content like positive reviews can make your brand more trusted and credible. Such content is more likely to earn the trust of potential customers and brand awareness. With a solid SMO strategy in place, you can make good use of this content for marketing purposes.

Social Media Optimization Strategies

Now that you know the benefits of Social Media Optimization, you may want to know different strategies to do so. Check out the following strategies to optimize your social media for maximum benefits:  

Content Strategy Powered by Uniqueness and Creativity

People follow tens of companies. So, it is best not to let yours get lost in the crowd. Create a unique and creative brand persona and maintain it with your content. When you add your company’s personality across channels, people start remembering your company’s name and recognizing your logo. That’s how your company can earn brand awareness in the long run.

Apart from brand awareness, you can add call-to-actions for website visits and transactional actions. Thus, you can create a marketing funnel and direct more people into it. Consistently creating and uploading unique and creative content is the key.

Optimization of Your Profile  

Just like your website, your social media profiles should reflect what your company actually does. Your products/services and industry should be clearly visible on your social media profiles. Again, your profiles should showcase your brand’s unique personality.

On top of these aspects, your profile’s description, about, and other aspects should be in line with the platform. A generic and same profile for all platforms may not get you the best results from social media marketing (SMO). To do so, you can do your research to see how your competitors are managing their social media profiles. Get the idea from your competitors, one-up what they did, and blend your company’s personality into it.

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is important everywhere. Whether you talk about your website or social media profiles, attention to detail is something you should not sleep on. There are simple things like the use of hashtags, content length, pixels of media files, and alt texts that you should know about. Using these things to your advantage can yield better results against your marketing efforts.

Following Relevant People and Communities

Who you follow, which communities you follow, and what types of interactions you do are all important factors in a brand’s recognition. It is not just for a particular social media platform but applies overall. You can observe how Instagram handles various brands and follow relevant profiles. It’s not that their marketing team loves these profiles, but it’s more than that. It is all linked with what a brand believes in and stands for.

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