what type of house is most common in Canada?

“Home” means different things to different people. The following are the most common types of housing in Canada.


It means that it doesn’t share any walls with any other structures. Due to their space, privacy, and size, detached homes are often more expensive than other types of real estate in Canada.
Families like detached homes because they typically have a front or back yard.


Only one wall separates this home from the neighboring one. They are frequently found at the end of a row of townhomes, or as a single structure divided in half by a wall.
Semi-detached homes are a fairly common type of residence in Canada because they provide greater space and privacy than condos or apartments while having fewer close neighbors.


Townhouses at the end of a row, for example, could also be referred to as semi-detached homes due to the fact that they only share one wall with another building.
Sometimes sub-ground level garages, porches, or even outside yard space are included in townhomes.
Due to their accessibility, charm, closeness to the city center, flexibility, and affordability, townhomes are preferred.

creek cottages in trees


Condos are distinctive in that a condo organization owns and maintains the common areas and outside of the building.

As a condo owner, you are free to change the layout of your apartment so long as doing so doesn’t jeopardize the building’s structural integrity. Yes, this includes building obstacles and demolishing buildings.

Condos are among the more affordable types of real estate in Canada, but there are a few factors to take into account before buying.

As a resident, you won’t have much influence over the other tenants in the building or its age and maintenance unless you sit on the condo board.
Townhouses and condos
It is Held by a condo organization, which also manages, and owns any outside components of the buildings, setting them apart from conventional townhomes.
Regular condo, residents contribute monthly fees to the upkeep of the structure, the grounds, and communal facilities. Instead of tenants owning every floor within the segment of a structure, condo townhouses can also have many units stacked on top of one another.

Castle cottages

castle cottages in canada

Detached castles normally have one story, though they can also have a basement level. Castle Cottages is a one-story building having just the bottom level. Castle cottages are less common than other new-build home styles, but they are nonetheless common across Canada, especially in more rural areas.

Detached homes have the advantage of being more cheaply priced and having the potential for more outdoor space than townhomes, even if many homeowners prefer split-level or multi-story homes. Castles, for instance, are typically used as the main dwelling in estates.


Split levels can be found in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and arrangements. Typically, split levels feature a primary floor that is spread out over numerous levels, such as with internal steps. Split levels frequently have low-pitched roofs, built-in garages, roomy living and family rooms, and a substantial quantity of patio and yard space in order to maximize vertical space.

Triplex, fourplex, and duplex

A home or structure with two, three, or four apartments is referred to as a duplex, triplex, or fourplex. In Canada, a duplex and a semi-detached house are occasionally mistaken for one another.

Some people only think of duplexes as two apartments that are side by side in a building, while others only think of them as two suites that are stacked one on top of the other. A plex property is, in the end, a structure that houses two, three, or four residences, each with its own door.

There may be several floors in the actual houses. These structures might be owned by one or more individuals, who might decide to live there themselves.

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There are many types of typical homes, including detached, semi-detached, condos, and townhomes. And castle cottages.
Homeowners select their homes based on a range of factors, such as location, square footage, the ability to remodel, and aesthetics.

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