Why Do Youngsters Stay Eager to Join Indian Defence Forces?

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It is very rare when people work very hard to grab a golden opportunity to serve their motherland. No doubt, serving the nation can give you a hefty salary package but other jobs in the MNCS can also give you an even more good salary package. But still, leaving those options behind, the youngsters are choosing to enlist themselves in the Indian defence forces. There is something very special about jobs that let you serve the nation at the cost of your life. To have clear-cut information on the prominent reasons that made the youngsters stay eager to join Indian defence forces, read this article.

You can see a huge crowd of youngsters entering different exam centers. They have dreams and they have worked for them for years. There could be one or so many dreams that drive them to prepare for the defence exams. Maybe you can be inspired by your family members or it could be your childhood dream to serve the nation. Well, we are sure that your dream is going to get you an eminent job.

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Take a look at the reasons that made youngsters stay eager to join Indian Defence Forces:

Love for the motherland

The foremost reason that drives youngsters to prepare for the defence exam is their love for the motherland. They find defence jobs as the best way to serve the nation. With the regular production of blockbuster movies on the life of some soldiers, cinema is inspiring the Indian youth to apply for the defence eczema and turn their dreams into reality. The love for the motherland that took an eminent height during British rule has never come down since.

Friendship and the Bond

Not only in the movies, but even in real life the soldiers share a great friendship bond with their colleagues. They help each other grow and don’t hesitate to risk their lives for them. After joining the force, you will get to taste the bond of a friendship that supports you and care for you. Even movies have depicted the friendship bond of the army personnel in the best possible way. Which fuel the youth’s strong determination to join the defence forces. 


You will have a chain of challenges and adventures when you opt to serve the nation. You will get the best option to utilize your skills and energy in the best possible way. If you stay inclined toward adventurous jobs then, join the defence forces. Because no job can be more adventurous than serving the nation, you will get different kinds of tasks that can only be performed by courageous hearts. Mountaineering, skiing, kayaking, skiing, and rock climbing are some of the adventurous tasks that you have to do after joining the defence forces. 

New Experiences

As a soldier, you will get new experiences due to the nature of your job. You will have to travel to the new locations according to your skills. You will be introduced to new places, cultures, environments, and people that will broaden your knowledge. So if you are willing to join the defence forces then, get ready to gain a wide range of experiences. Plus, every day you will learn something new through your jobs. 

Facilities provided by the Government

You must be aware of the salary package of the soldiers and the officers. No doubt, salary is not the prominent reason that drives all youngsters to serve the nation. But stills this feature can’t be neglected because of the other facilities that come with it. As a soldier, the Indian government has provided you with many other facilities as well. Such as residence allowances, stipends for health care, cash allowances to cover the cost of living, etc.

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So, the prominent reasons drive millions of youngsters to fill out the defense exams application forms. To your surprise, the examiner can also ask you the major reason that made you apply for the defense job. Be ready to give an impressive but honest answer.

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